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Empower your child

The Aikido children’s program is also available to schools and associations that would like to incorporate the gentle art of self-defense. Since we focus on cooperation rather than competition or aggressive martial arts training, Aikido gives your child the confidence to be focused, aware, and calm to handle any situation with control.

Practice different ways to be powerful

The Orange County Beach Cities Aikido Foundation (OCBCAF) is a non-profit foundation on a mission to promote love and compassion in our local community through programs like traditional aikido training for children, teens, and families in a culturally sensitive, inclusive space.

Children will have the opportunity to learn and practice different ways of being powerful to be safe! The skills they will practice will help them avoid abuse, abduction, assault and bullying. Aikido classes are taught by Newport Beach Aikido instructors..

limited Trial offer

Newport Beach Aikido is offering a FREE trial class (suggested donation of $15 to OCBCAF) and through December will donate 10% of new youth membership fees to the Foundation.


Would you like your child to learn better self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-defense while engaging in a fun activity?

If so, then the Children’s Aikido Martial Art Program will be well worth the investment in you child’s future health, physical fitness, and well-being. After school and weekend classes are offered for school-aged children under the direction of Gentil Pennewaert Shihan, Chief Instructor and Charn Pennewaert Fukushidoin, Assistant Instructor.

Pennewaert Shihan has over 40 years experience in martial arts and is a second generation student of the founder of Aikido (Morihei Ueshiba). He has been teaching children Aikido for over fifteen years. Children may attend as many or as few of the scheduled classes each month as fits their wants and needs. Aikido for kids is the best choice because it offers them valuable lessons that they can continue to help them develop focus, awareness, and the concept of harmony.


summer camp for kids
kids practicing aikido

Aikdio Youth Schedule and Fees

Flexible training schedule – up to 4 days/week

Fees: $115 for 1 day/week or $130 for 3-4 days/week attendance

Sign up for 3 months and receive a FREE uniform

View our schedule of classes and tuition rates

Newport Beach Aikido is proud to donate 10% of our proceeds to the OCBCAF Foundation.

Complete the Form below if you are interested in trying the class for $15 (Regularly $35) – applicable towards registration fees if enrolled on the same day.

Developing Awareness through Aikido

Developing Awareness through Aikido

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