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    The Harsh Reality: Assaults on Teens

    As parents, guardians, or mentors, we’re often unaware of the lurking dangers that our teenagers may face. Alarming statistics on assaults to teenagers serve as a stark reminder of the need for awareness:


    • 1 in 9 Girls and 1 in 20 Boys Experience Sexual Abuse or Assault: These figures highlight the disturbingly high prevalence of sexual abuse and assault among teenagers. It is a threat that knows no gender boundaries, affecting both girls and boys.
    • 82% of All Victims Under 18 are Female: This statistic underscores the disproportionate impact of sexual violence on young girls. It’s a stark reminder of the urgent need to empower our daughters with tools for safety.
    • Nationally, about 8% or 10 million girls and 0.7% or 791,000 boys under the age of 18 have experienced either rape or attempted rape.

      Download the Infographic HERE.



    Teen Assaulted
    Teen Being Attacked

    Situational Awareness: The Key to Safety

    Situational awareness is the ability to perceive, comprehend, and anticipate potential threats or opportunities in one’s environment. For teenagers, developing this skill is vital in preventing and responding to potential dangers. Here’s how it can make a difference:

    • Recognizing Red Flags: A keen sense of awareness helps teens identify warning signs and uncomfortable situations.
    • Avoiding Risky Situations: Being aware of their surroundings enables teenagers to steer clear of potentially hazardous situations.
    • Prompting Action: When teenagers are alert, they are more likely to take immediate action to protect themselves or seek help when needed. 


    teen boy concerned

    Aikido: Empowering Teens with Awareness and Safety

    Aikido, a non-aggressive martial art, offers teenagers more than just self-defense skills; it cultivates mental and physical awareness. Here’s how Aikido can empower your teen:

    • Improved Self-Confidence: Aikido fosters self-confidence through physical mastery and mental resilience. Confident teens are less likely to become victims.
    • Heightened Awareness: Aikido training teaches teens to be present in the moment, honing their ability to detect potential threats and react effectively.
    • Conflict Resolution: Aikido emphasizes non-violence and conflict resolution, equipping teenagers with skills to defuse tense situations peacefully.
    • Physical Preparedness: Aikido training includes self-defense techniques that can be used as a last resort to protect themselves if needed.
    • Discipline and Focus: Aikido instills discipline and concentration, qualities that help teens make sound decisions under pressure.
    teens and mental wellness
    teens and mental wellness
    teens assault

    Presenting the Teen’s Safety and Awareness Workshop

    Saturday, November 4, 2023

    Time: 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

    Location: Newport Beach Aikido – Shin Do Kan Dojo

    Address: 2018 Quail Street, Newport Beach CA 92660
    Suggested Donation: $35.00 (You will be directed to make your donation after signing up). Limited Spaces Available!

    For Teens Ages 14-17

    In the Teen’s Safety and Awareness workshop, young participants will acquire three foundational skills that form a crucial progression towards enhancing their personal safety. Physical technique skill training will also be included as part of the workshop.

    SELF-CONFIDENCE: They will cultivate self-confidence, which involves listening to their inner voice, having the assurance to say no when necessary, and establishing firm boundaries. This newfound self-assuredness serves as the cornerstone upon which the other skills are built.
    AWARENESS DEVELOPMENT: The workshop will emphasize the development of awareness, teaching teens to perceive, comprehend, and anticipate potential threats, enabling them to respond effectively to hazardous situations.
    BUILDING BOUNDARIES: The program will focus on building boundaries, a skill that not only safeguards physical safety but also extends to the digital realm, including smartphone usage, social media engagement, and protection against online enticements and sextortion. These three interconnected skills will empower young individuals to navigate the complexities of the modern world with increased confidence and personal safety.

      Meet Our instructors

      Omar Martinez – Retired Police Officer and Tactical Training Instructor
      With over 27 years of service in a prominent California law enforcement agency, Omar Martinez brings invaluable expertise to this workshop. As a retired police lieutenant and tactical training instructor, he has served as a Patrol Watch Commander, Detective, and has trained countless officers. His knowledge will empower your teen with real-world safety strategies.

      Gentil Pennewaert Shihan – 7th Dan Aikikai and Close Combat Expert. Gentil Pennewaert Shihan, with 40+ years of Aikido experience and training in the Belgium Special Forces Regiment (Red Berets) with advanced combat and stealth techniques, will lead this workshop. His mastery in Aikido and close combat skills ensures your teen receives top-notch training.

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