Aikido for Teens


What is aikido?


Descended from the Samurai Arts of Japan, teens learn how to safe, aware, and be in control through regular training. Unlike other martial arts, Aikido takes aggression and neutralizes it. Teens learn how to be better listeners, become more aware of their surroundings, resolve conflict in a non-confrontational way, and generally be calmer and more focused.

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Aikido Provides Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits

Aikido is unique among the martial arts because of its focus on philosophy and emotional connection. Your teen can both channel any aggression and learn to control emotions with more control of movements. 

Physical Benefits

Aikido keeps the body moving, promoting both strength training and cardio. Your teen may become even more fit and may even lose weight through regular practice.

Mental & Emotional Benefits

Through aikido, young people learn to use their mind as a tool for problem solving. They practice discipline, self-control, and respect for both their Sensei and their partners. Ultimately, this practice is self-empowering, giving young people more confidence.

Social & Spiritual Benefits

As a philosophy rather than simply an exercise program, aikido helps teens move beyond a me-vs.-the world mentality and develop a sense responsibility and belonging.


Newport Beach Aikido is offering a FREE trial class (suggested donation of $15 to OCBCAF) and through December will donate 10% of new teen membership to the Foundation.

Our teen program

The Orange County Beach Cities Aikido Foundation (OCBCAF) is a non-profit foundation on a mission to promote love and compassion in our local community through programs like traditional aikido training for children, teens, and families in a culturally sensitive, inclusive space.

Teens will have the opportunity to learn and practice different ways of being powerful to be safe! The skills they will practice will help them avoid most abuse, abduction, assault and bullying.

Aikido Training Schedule and Fees

  • Flexible schedule offering training 7 days a week with morning, evening, and weekend classes.
  • $160/monthly fees – sign up for two months to receive a free uniform. Does not include yearly membership fee of $80.
  • Sign up for 2 months and receive a FREE uniform
  • Newport Beach Aikido instructors teach teens classes from ages 13-17.
  • Teen classes are offered at the Newport Beach Aikido Dojo everyday – see schedule





Aikido is unique among the martial arts because of its focus on philosophy and emotional connection. Your teen can both channel any aggression and learn to control emotions with more control of movements. 

Physical Fitness: Aikido is a physically demanding martial art that involves various movements, techniques, and exercises. Regular training in Aikido helps teenagers improve their overall physical fitness, including strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The martial art involves both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, leading to improved cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

Self-Defense Skills: Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art that focuses on redirecting an opponent’s energy rather than meeting force with force. Teens who train in Aikido learn effective self-defense techniques that do not rely on physical strength alone, making it suitable for individuals of different body types. This can boost their confidence and ability to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Mindfulness and Discipline: Aikido places a strong emphasis on mindfulness and self-discipline. Teens who practice Aikido learn to be present in the moment, concentrate on their movements, and maintain a clear mind. This mental focus can translate to improved concentration and academic performance. Additionally, the discipline required to progress in Aikido, such as regular attendance and commitment to training, can instill valuable life skills in teenagers.

Conflict Resolution and Non-Violence: Aikido is often referred to as the “art of peace” because it aims to resolve conflicts without causing harm to others or oneself. By learning Aikido techniques, teenagers develop an understanding of conflict resolution and non-violent communication. They learn to control situations through redirection and negotiation rather than resorting to aggression, which can have positive implications in various aspects of their lives, including school, family, and social interactions.

Overall, Aikido offers a holistic approach to physical and mental development, making it an excellent martial art for teenagers who wish to improve their fitness, self-defense skills, discipline, and approach to conflict resolution.

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