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OCBCAF Enrichment Programs

The Orange County Beach Cities Foundation offers a myriad of programs for the community and your sponsorship or donation is allocated to support the underserved families and individuals so that they may have the opportunity to participate and experience the Art of Aikido.

First Aid/CPR Program
This dynamic, interactive class for ages 13 and up will equip you to become confident and effective in recognizing and responding to a variety of life-threatening medical emergencies such as stroke, heart attack, seizure, choking, anaphylaxis, shock, and severe bleeding. In addition, you will gain first aid skills such as scene safety, personal protection, coordinating with EMS, controlling bleeding, splinting, bandaging wounds.
Participants will definitely want to return for our 2nd class series which will cover effective CPR, airway management, and how to use an AED (Defibrillator). All skills and knowledge adhere to strict American Heart Association guidelines and will be taught in a compelling, hands-on format that will keep you engaged and excited to be a healthcare hero in your community

Upcoming Workshop Schedule: Saturday Feb 18 at 2:30 – 3:30 PM at Newport Beach Aikido Shin Do Kan Dojo. 

Suggestion donation amount: $25

Instructor: Michael Chase, RN (Certified CPR Instructor)


Teen Aikido Program

Aikido for Teens provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Aikido is unique among the martial arts because of its focus on philosophy and emotional connection. 

Schedule: Fridays 5:15 to 6:00 PM at Newport Beach Aikido Shin Do Kan Dojo. 

Fee:  Sugggested donation $25

Awareness & Safety Program

Learn practical aikido concepts and techniques to stay calm in stressful situations and overcome your fear during times of crisis.  Our Awareness and Safety program which helps increase awareness, self-esteem, and confidence. The workshop focuses on harmonious exercises to empower you to respond confidently to any situation.

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Senior Program Aikido

Aikido is excellent for active seniors who wish to  pursue more relaxed and controlled movements. Soft aikido movements strengthen joints and improve flexibility while connecting the mind and mind in this holistic approach to training. The Senior program is offered once a week during our 45-minute session and addresses the importance of  balance, body awareness, and cognitive function.

Schedule: Thursday 12:15 to 1 PM at Newport Beach Aikido Shin Do Kan Dojo. Tentatively scheduled for October 2022.

Fee: $55/person or $45/person for groups of 10 or more.

Aikido Shin Do Kan Member: Included in the monthly membership

Corporate Wellness Program

As more stress from the workplace rises, companies are looking to help their employees find work-life balance. Practicing aikido is an excellent way to relieve stress, stay calm and build positive relationships in the workplace. During the small or large group sessions, aikido offers companies looking to incorporate a mind-body wellness program for their employees. The OCBCA Foundation sponsors workshops  to develop an engaging team-building program for their staff. Aikido has been practiced and used in many leadership coaching programs. The concepts of leadership parallel the concepts of aikido. Blending concepts are practiced in aikido which allow a practitioner to work closely with his/her partner to foster a positive harmonious resolution to work/life conflicts.

Other concepts such as grounding, centering, and staying relaxed are essential in practicing aikido. During the group sessions, participants are performing light activities with a partner and learning how to feel, absorb, and redirect the partner’s energy.

Inquire for groups of 10, 25, and more.

Customized programs are available to suit the requirements of the organization.

Samurai Summer Camp

Descended from the Samurai Arts of Japan, Aikido gives kids the skills to develop greater confidence and self-awareness. Loaded with tons of Aikido techniques, exercises, games, and drills to help children better react against bullies, stranger awareness and predators.  Children will have the opportunity to learn and practice different ways of being powerful to be safe! The skills they will practice can help stop abuse, abduction, assault, and bullying.

4-Day camp in July and August for children for ages 6-12.

Teen Camp is also available for ages 13-17.

Apprentice Program

An Intensive aikido program which includes full-time training and learning the concepts of aikido. This unique program is dedicated to those who wish to go beyond the mind, body and spiritual aspects of aikido to develop a deeper understanding through the history of aikido and proper etiquette as a Samurai. Week long to month long programs are available upon request and approval of application.

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