Join us for an Epic Event

You are invited to join us for the Premiere of Shogun, hosted by the Orange County Beach Cities Aikido Foundation – OCBCAF.

Event: Shogun Premiere Night
Date: Saturday, March 2nd
Time: 6:00 pm Tea Ceremony by Chafinity
6:30 pm Dinner is Served
8:00 pm Shogun Movie
Suggested Donation: $20 Adult, ages 14+
This event is not only about enjoying an epic Samurai production, it’s an opportunity to gather together and support the OCBCAF’s mission to spread the Samurai arts, provide valuable educational, and training programs to our community.
Bring your comfy pillow, socks and throw for movie night at the dojo. We will be seated on the mat for enjoyment and streaming from FX onto our screen. 

We are honored to announce that Chafinity will be performing a special Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu Style) during this event.  

In the tea ceremony, every movement, every step and every moment is precisely defined.

Japanese traditional tea ceremony